Work one-on-one with a hand-selected, elite level personal trainer to elevate your strength, agility and flexibility. Whether you are just starting out or looking to go to the next level, our trainers push and challenge you to step up and throw down.


Together, you and your personal trainer will break barriers, smash goals, and unlock the extraordinary.


Jacqui Tudhope

Jacqui has a goal orientated approach to training as even the smallest of goals make training more fun and give you something to work towards. Her boxing background helps her to coach people in a style that gets the best out of them as well as reducing stress levels. She likes to mix strength training with high intensity workouts to achieve highly effective results in strength, fitness and weight loss. Jacqui's desire is to provide her clients with the tools and knowledge to make every second of their journey excellent and memorable in every way.

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Sam Watson

Sam's training programs are designed to unlock a person’s potential with strength training, movement drills and sports specific exercises reinforced by his first class coaching skills and winning personality. Sam's passion and understanding of health & fitness is his driving force to create confident and healthy journeys for his clients, whilst creating an informative and fun atmosphere. Sam’s philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning – to achieve desired goals, the trainer as well as the client, must first be able to understand it.

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Alfie Tooala

Alfie aka ‘the Samoan Hulk’ is a former International rugby player whose passion for health, fitness and performance led him to embark on a journey into personal training. He believes in promoting strength training for everyone, no matter your age, is fundamental for achieving great results. Alfie’s goal is to inspire people towards a healthier lifestyle and help them to achieve their desired goals through consistent training and a balanced lifestyle.

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Natasha Richards

Natasha takes a very individual but realistic approach to each of her clients, with care and attention focused on maintaining a balance in all aspects of their life, including nutritional support and advice, mental wellbeing and a bespoke exercise regime. Sessions are always delivered in a fun and entertaining way. Natasha's love for rehabilitation and injury prevention, allows her clients to achieve their personal sporting and health objectives regardless of the physical adversity they face. She is distinguished in injury prevention, strength and endurance training.

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Matt Grieve

Following a 7 year career in the Royal Navy, Matt left the military to follow his passion in the health and fitness industry. As a level 4 GP referral personal trainer Matt sets out to consider all aspects of his clients life in order to ensure a sustainable lifestyle plan is set up for long term permanent success. He combines this with great knowledge and practical understanding of strength and conditioning training, delivering high paced, energetic and fun workouts.

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Monika Zybura

Monica is an experienced body transformation specialist with a history of achieving outstanding results for a wide range of clientele. Monica takes great pride in getting clients results that they can actually see and feel. She believes health and fitness is long term, so aims to work with clients to ensure the journey to their goals is enjoyable and sustainable so that the results are lasting.

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Here's how it works. Find Your Partner. Define your goals. Make a plan. Start the work.


Your first step is our assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, movement screening and postural analysis.

Your coach will evaluate your history and objectives to create your personal roadmap. Since needs, goals and lives change, the conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. Because at the end of the day, it's about performing at your peak — while living your life.


We make your plan. Real metrics lead to real results. Our trainers combine data from your fitness assessment, with information about your lifestyle to build a program that is specific to you and your goals.


Results are everything. Our trainers will gradually increase the challenge of your training to ensure you never reach a plateau and are always making progress.